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    3 weeks ago

    One of my bosses just started called me Erin and I can’t tell if I’m Larry Gingrich now or if this is some sort of April Fools thing.

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    3 weeks ago

    A lot of people get nervous about the day they bring a significant other home to meet the parents. I get nervous about the time I’ll bring someone I’m dating to play Settlers of Catan with my friend group.

    friends are family

    important milestone

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    1 month ago

    Graveyard of the Innocent

    Part of the fun of attending a Catholic Vincentian University is that sometimes you’ll just be walking along the quad when all of a sudden you find your self standing in the middle of a mass grave representing the number of lives lost from terminated pregnancies each year. yup. fun.

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    1 month ago

    I don’t know how to relax. I don’t even own sweatpants.

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    1 month ago


    Screaming Females “Wild”

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    sceaming females


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    1 month ago

    I’m going to start carrying measuring tape around so I can incredulously measure the width between men’s knees sitting on the subway and bus.

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    1 month ago

    I slid towards the door but you started freaking the fuck out
    Stop shaking; why you freaking the fuck out?
    You better stop cause it’s freaking me out

    speedy ortiz

    obsessive listening

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    1 month ago

    I’m really excited because they’re expanding my role at my assistantship to a conduct counselor. It’s kind of weird being in a position of authority when I don’t feel that much different from the undergraduates on campus, and it doesn’t help that I think most of the conduct policies are silly/unnecessary. I just really don’t want to have to wear a suit, or give out sanctions, or do anything that commands respect. Can’t I be the “cool” counselor?

    grad school

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    1 month ago

    Tina Fey Hosts NPR Special Program On Girls And Women (AUDIO)

    So WNYC has be re-airing the Hidden World of Girls on Sundays and it is so amazing. I seriously suggest you take a listen and subscribe to the podcast produced by The Kitchen Sisters. WNYC has been super on-point lately with their programming, I have so many feelings about radio.


    The Kitchen Sisters


  10. 1 month ago

    Ugggggg this class is so fucking long. The professors scrape to find ways to kill three hours. Right now he is literally reading one of our papers word-for-word out loud. I CAN READ IT MYSELF, JUST LET ME GO HOME.

    My class has two professors and no content

    grad school problems


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    1 month ago

    My day just got so much better

    My professor is going over what to do and what not to do in our next reports, based upon what we wrote last week. Literally every slide of good writing is taken from my report. I cannot help but sit in the back of the class with a big shit eating grin thinking “fuck you bitches, I got this class on lock-down”.

    self esteem

    grad school

    She likes me because I'm Polish like her

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    1 month ago

    This is so relevant for my day right now.

    This is so relevant for my day right now.

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    grad school problems

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    1 month ago

    God, please help me

    I must win Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me before Carl Kasell retires.


    wait wait dont tell me

    carl kasell

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    1 month ago

    Diane > Rebecca

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  15. 1 month ago

    Lifter Puller - Nassau Coliseum (by nightclubdwight)

    and every hippie that goes home bloody feels like a martyr back in the city
    or in new jersey and not manhattan, or in the hamptons, back on campus
    and out in boston and out in cambridge and out in brookline, back in brooklyn
    and on the east coast, the carolinas, and in virginia and in memphis
    in the twin cities and on the west coast and in alaska and costa rica
    and in jamaica and in miami, i wanna fuck you, i wanna fuck you
    out on long island

    Lifter Puller

    fan video

    nassau colliseum