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    "Women in particular often shrink in public settings, she said. The men in her Harvard classes shoot their arms straight up to answer questions, while the women tend toward a bent-elbow wave. Along with touching the face or neck or crossing the ankles tightly while sitting, “these postures are associated with powerlessness and intimidation and keep people back from expressing who they really are,” Ms. Cuddy said."

    Amy Cuddy Takes a Stand - NYTimes.com

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    Sleater-Kinney to Release Start Together Box Set | News | Pitchfork

    Attention: It’s my birthday on Monday. Who loves me?

    Sleater Kinney

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    Ariel Pink’s pretty trippy.

    I think you’ll really like this one.

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    I keep smiling at attractive men at the hospital I’m externing at

    now I’m worried I can’t tell apart the employees from the patients

    working on getting that doctor boyfriend

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    "Tina Belcher’s sexual desires are weird. They’re weird and more than a little off-putting and not meant to be particularly palatable for the average straight male viewer. And it is glorious to watch. The show makes you recognize her desires as a young woman and the possibly that other girls feel the same way. Tina’s budding sexuality might be an exaggerated view of how a lot of teenage girls feel as they grow up, but there are girls out there that relate to Tina and it’s a point of view that rarely gets told. And when it is, it’s almost always bent to fit how men want girls to express their sexuality. But Tina’s sexual desires aren’t there to titillate the audience. They’re there because they’re a part of her."

    Sexual Agency and Zombie Butts: Why Bob’s Burgers’ Tina Belcher Matters  (via albinwonderland)

    (via lipstick-feminists)

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    On Sundays the only thing open on campus is this Dunkin Donuts. The line is ridiculously long but kids are so lazy they sit on line and slowly slide them up as the line moves.

    On Sundays the only thing open on campus is this Dunkin Donuts. The line is ridiculously long but kids are so lazy they sit on line and slowly slide them up as the line moves.


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    One of the girls in class today seriously defended hip hop as a contributor to school shootings.

    grad school problems


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    The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

    Been reading up on this all morning. As a part of the Title IX team on campus I’m super excited about some of this stuff. Cannot wait to bug my coordinator about some changes we should make.

    Title IX

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    Love taxes! Just in time for rent!!!

    Love taxes! Just in time for rent!!!


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    The concept of self

    Self-esteem: the belief in your self-worth and self-value

    Self-efficacy: the belief in your capacity to perform

    Self-confidence: the belief in your probability to succeed

    Self-concept: the organized structure of knowledge about your self

    Self actualization: the process of understanding your self


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    Bettelheim discussed the emotional and symbolic importance of fairy tales for children, including traditional tales at one time considered too dark, such as those collected and published by the Brothers Grimm. Bettelheim suggested that traditional fairy tales, with the darkness of abandonment, death, witches, and injuries, allowed children to grapple with their fears in remote, symbolic terms. If they could read and interpret these fairy tales in their own way, he believed, they would get a greater sense of meaning and purpose. Bettelheim thought that by engaging with these socially-evolved stories, children would go through emotional growth that would better prepare them for their own futures.

    (Source: Wikipedia)

    school psychology